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Before you buy any type of tote, it is essential for you to know the kind of bag that is going to best suit your needs. There are different types of totes that are designed for specific activities such as going to the gymnasium while others can be used for different things. You can also choose a tote that will match with breastfeeding dresses for weddings.

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For you to know the type of tote you need to buy, it is vital for you to know what you are going to be using it for. As noted above, some totes can be used for gym and these are a bit bigger to fit your things. Not only is the function of the bag going to affect the size of the tote that you need to buy, but it is also going to affect other elements such as material and the type of closure used. If you need a bag for carrying small items such as pens, keys, mobile phone and your wallet, it is ideal to have a tote which has many small pockets to separate these items and keep them safe too.


Size is also vital when you are choosing a tote bag since the spaciousness of the bag is one of the most essential features. Before you decide on a tote, you need to determine the items that you often carry and also the size of your other bags. A tote that is too small is not going to be of use but you should not be moving around with a very big bag either and especially one that has very few things in it.


Just like other types of bags, totes also have different closure methods such as ties, zippers, magnetic buttons or clasps. If you want a bag which closes completely, a zipper is going to be ideal for you. Some bags do not have any closure which is ideal for beach totes. If you are going to be using the bag on a daily basis for carrying things such as you cell phone and wallet, it is essential that you get a bag which closes up so that you can protect your valuables.

Different materials

One of the main factors to take into account when choosing a tote is the material that it is made of since this is going to affect the durability and style of the bag. The first totes were made out of canvas but these days totes are made of different materials such as leather, cotton and polypropylene. The choice of material is going to depend on your style and taste as well as the purpose of the bag. A beach tote that is made of leather is not going to last for a while.

Tote bags are a must for all women to have since they are practical and versatile. There are a lot of totes that you can choose from and some of them are meant for specific use and activities.